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New Hordes Mountain King

Finished up a new Mountain King and whelps pack!



Playing with a manual spin program.

I started messing around with an app that will make spins of items. I am not sure about the rez, but it sure beats stiching picures together!


Colossals Release event with two Mountain Kings

I recently ran the Privateer Press Colossals Release Event for my local players. One of our players had a Mountain King too. So we played a 5 player, 35 point, battle group only free for all. My battle group consisted of eDoomy and two Mountain Kings. Between the ton of health they have, the ability regen quite a bit with the whelps and eDoomies spells it was a quite nasty battle group.

I really enjoyed playing with them both and it was fun watching peoples faces when I put them down. The only problem I really had was keeping eDoomy protected since I just had the two Gargantuans to try and keep stuff from getting to him.


Back to painting!

I finished up my Mountain King for my Trollbloods army. You can see more pics of it here at the end of the gallery.

And here is a 360 of it too.


Working a little bit on my Mountain King

I am trying to work in some textures into the rocks on the Mountain King. Hopefully I will dig up enough time to get him done in the next few weeks so I can play with him!


Pics of my Troll Armies

Have a bunch of pictures to post of projects that I have been finishing up. But for now I thought I would sare some pics I took recently of my Trollbloods army for Hordes. I also posted up a bunch more pics of my army in the Trollbloods section too.



Finished up my Trollbloods Warwagons

This is probably the first thing I have painted for my trollbloods in a year. I will have a bunch of pictures to upload and post for you guys to take a look at soon. I also have the new trollbloods mountain king kicking on my desk waiting for me to finish off some other projects :)


Master craftsman award in No Quarter mag 39

In this months No Quarter they posted the results from the Gen Con Waramchine Hardcore Tournament 2011 where I got Master Craftsman (Best Painted).  The tournament was a blast and I had a ton of great games. Think I got 25 games in over the Weekend. Hopefully I will be able to attend Lock and Load in Washington this year too! (2012)