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Making the Las Vegas Open Grymkin themed finals table

Here is a step by step tutorial of the build for the Grymkin themed finials table at Las Vegas Open 2018.

I still have more pictures to add. But this should tide you over for now.



Making the Las Vegas Open Finals Cephalyx table.


Added a tutorial about making plaster terrain.

I added a tutorial about how to mass produce plaster terrain for tournament or any other event you need a whole bunch of terrain for. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

You can see it here.


Bay Area Open Terrain giveaway

Here are the finished pieces of terrain I made for the Bay Area Open tournamets that were on the boards and give away prizes each round of the tournament.


Finished bay area open terrain piece

Well I finished up the terrain piece. Got it all primed and sealed so it is ready to get molds made of it. Will make a tutorial of how to make a mold for castings for it.


Working on terrain for The Bay Area Open

Work in progress. Going to make a mold of this once I an done so I can cast up a bunch of them.