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Finished Tyranid Swarmlord

This piece was a lot of fun because it is so dynamic with the Swarmlord laying the smack down on the Space Marine Dreadnought!

You can see more pictures of it at http://www.figurepainters.com/galleries/tyranid/?currentPage=5 

Here is a rotaion video of it also that shows off the posing well. Make sure to set it at 1080 res.



Finished up Grey Kinghts

Finished up some more Grey Knights.  You can see the rest of the pics at the end of the Marines Gallery.


MKII Night Lords Speeder

Finished up some more MKII Pre-Heresy Night Lords. :) More pics at the end of the marine gallery.


Tyranid Trygon WIP pics

Thought I would share some of the work in progres pics of the Tyranid Trygon I finished up recently. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the gallery too. 


Finished Pre-Heresy Night Lords Deimos Pattern Predator

Just as it says :) Have some more troops coming up soon along with a bunch of other current projects that I am savign the pics for later posts.

You can see more pictures at the end of the Marines Gallery too.


Finished Grey Knights

Some Grey Knights that I finished up. Still have more coming up for this army too!

You can see more pics here too.


Tyranid Trygon Pictures

Here are teh finial pictures of the Tyranid Trygon. Enjoy!



Finished Tyranid Trygon

Finished up a Tyranid Trygon. Will have some real pictures up soon!



Night Lords Proteus Land Raider and Marines

The new Forgre World Proteus Landraider is a very cool model. It brings me back to the mk2 days of playing warhammer 40k back in the day. Though there were some issues getting it together correctly, but that seems to be par for the course for most Forge World stuff these days. You can see all the pics here at the end of the Marines gallery.


Pre-Heresy Night Lords Assault troops

Finished up some Pre-Heresy Night Lords. This has been a fun little project doing some space marines that eventually end up evil but before they actually are.