Welcome to FigurePainters.com where we make your hobby dreams come true! I provide high quality painting for miniatures games of all types, from Warhammer 40k to Warmachine/Hordes and anything in between. I have been painting since about 1995 and I am active in the hobby aspect of the games too.

Please take a look around and feel free to ask any questions you may have!


Off to Duel Con!

I am running all the Warmachine events at Battle Foam's Duel Con this year. I will be back some time Monday but will be availible sparatically via email. Hope to see some of you there!


Playing with a manual spin program.

I started messing around with an app that will make spins of items. I am not sure about the rez, but it sure beats stiching picures together!


40k Tyranid Swarmlord

I finished up a Tyranid Swarmlord getting swarmed by some Kroot. You can see more pics at http://www.figurepainters.com/galleries/tyranid/?currentPage=4


3 new sets of bases added to the store.

I have finished up 3 new sets of bases and a wall. I have added them to the Store for your enjoyment. :)


Lighted Menoth Vessel of Judgement Battle Engine tutorial

I finially got together the tutorial for how I made my lighted Vessel of Judgement. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any about it. Enjoy!


Finished 40k Nightlords tanks

Finished up a few more Nightlords tanks. You can see all the pictures at the end of the Marines gallery.


Colossals Release event with two Mountain Kings

I recently ran the Privateer Press Colossals Release Event for my local players. One of our players had a Mountain King too. So we played a 5 player, 35 point, battle group only free for all. My battle group consisted of eDoomy and two Mountain Kings. Between the ton of health they have, the ability regen quite a bit with the whelps and eDoomies spells it was a quite nasty battle group.

I really enjoyed playing with them both and it was fun watching peoples faces when I put them down. The only problem I really had was keeping eDoomy protected since I just had the two Gargantuans to try and keep stuff from getting to him.


Back to painting!

I finished up my Mountain King for my Trollbloods army. You can see more pics of it here at the end of the gallery.

And here is a 360 of it too.


More pictures of Denali National Park.

We are having a great time out hiking and seeing all the animals. We are get close to the end of the trip and it is going WAY to fast.

Here are some more pictures of the trip.


More pictures from Denali National Park in Alaska

We are having a great time in Denali. It is already half over and going WAY to fast.