Welcome to FigurePainters.com where we make your hobby dreams come true! I provide high quality painting for miniatures games of all types, from Warhammer 40k to Warmachine/Hordes and anything in between. I have been painting since about 1995 and I am active in the hobby aspect of the games too.

Please take a look around and feel free to ask any questions you may have!


Las Vegas Open: Warmachine, 40k, Fantasy tournaments

I will be running this years LVO Warmachine events. Hope to see you there!

Las Vegas Open 2014 Warmachine and Hordes Events Feb 7th-9th Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada 
Tickets at. http://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open/las-vegas-open-warmachine-and-hordes-events/ You will need a door ticket and an event ticket.
There are also other game system tournaments this weekend. See them at http://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open/ 

Book Your Room Here or call: 1-800-358-8777 If you call to reserve your room, be sure to tell them you are with the Las Vegas Open and Frontline Gaming or use our group code: SBFLG4 We are on the hook for rooms for the nights of the 7th and 8th, please be sure to book for those nights under our code, specifically! Thanks! - See more at: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open/#sthash.NW38mWxc.dpuf

-All Events will run death clock. Some timers will be available, but please be prepared with your own.
-All tournament will use Steamroller 2014 rules
Fully painted armies will be eligible for prize raffles during each tournament.
-We expect this to be a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier event. The application has been submitted and things are looking good ;) I will update once this confirmed
-This will be a West Coast Store Wars event also!! https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastStoreWars check out the AWESOME trophy! http://thefigurepainters.squarespace.com/storage/mscpics/storewars.jpg 
-Anyone who registers by January 12th will receive an exclusive counter from Broken Egg Games and a resin Objective Marker from www.Figurepainters.com
-There may be some tables for open gaming during the tournaments, but these will be limited to space available.
-We are expecting over half of the US WTC team to be here too. -Come meet them and play against them!
-Awesome Prizes! We give away seriously boss loot, so expect more of the same! In addition to awards for fastest caster kill, best appearance, tournament champs, etc. the players that do the best with each respective faction will win a custom trophy declaring them the Faction Champion for the weekend!
Warmahordes Team Tournament:
Check In: 10:00 am, Start 11:00 am
50 points
2nd List Optional
3 Man Teams (Ranked Team Members)
Top team qualifies for Sunday

Mangled Metal Tooth and Claw:
Check in 8:00pm, Start 8:30 pm (or at end of Team Tournament)
20 points -Battle group only (hard core time limits)
One list, close quarters
Top 4 qualify for Sunday

Open gaming:
Warmahordes 50 point Tournament:
Check in : 8:00 am, Start 9:00 am
50 points
2nd List Optional
Top 5 qualify for Sunday

Warmahordes Blood, Sweat & Tiers Tournament :
Check in : 8:00 pm. Start 8:30pm (or after end of 50 point Tournament)
35 points, all lists must be at least tier 2
2nd List Optional

Open gaming:
Warmahordes 50 point “Master format” Tournament
Top 16 players qualified previously
Check in : 9:30 am, Start 10:00 am
50 points
SR2014 Masters rules

Warmahordes 35 point Who’s the Boss? Tournament:
Check in : 10:00 am, Start 10:30 am
35 points, one list. Make a list without a warcaster/warlock assuming +5 jack/beast points
Who’s the Boss point scoring, Death clock timing.

Closing ceremonies and prizes 6:30-7:00
- See more at: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open/las-vegas-open-warmachine-and-hordes-events/


Super 3D Dungeon Boards Survey

For those of you that are intersted in new designs for the Super 3D Dungeon Boards you can take a survey here for what you would like to see next!



Super 3D Dungeon Boards are up for Pre-Sale!

The Kickstarter is finally all finished! The Boards are up for Pre-Sale in the store. http://www.figurepainters.com/store/

The Pre-Sale is to allow me to make a large materials order to help keep costs down and replenish some stock.

Check them out and let me know if you have any questions!


Ever started a project and......

found out that is is much more involved than you though?

Well with the Super 3D dungeon boards Kickstarter it has definitely been that! We are coming up to the end of it with the last few painted boards shipping out soon. 

I plan on putting together a more thorough post with some costs break downs to give everyone an idea of how everything went. 

Qucickly though here is a fun picture with some minis while I had 18 or so painted boards together in a group :)


Convergance of Cyriss

I finished up part of the Convergance of Cyriss that I picked up at Lock and Load this year. It is headed to ebay to help pay for the trip :(

If anyone is interested let me know. I will be posting it up to ebay later tonight or tomorrow.

You you see the pictures starting at the end of page 2  http://www.figurepainters.com/galleries/other-warmahordes/?currentPage=2


Super 3D Dungeon Boards Kickstarter Pictures


I know everyone is chomping at the bit for pictures and updates!!

Here they are! :)

Boards are coming along nicely and packaging is on its way.

I am on schedule currently for the unpainted boards to be shipped the end of this month.

Please add any final add-ons through BackerKit that you may want to. I will be locking the BackerKit add-on this Saturday the 13th.

All the bottles showed up a few weeks ago and are getting filled with colored goodness.

Here are the pictures of all the sample painted boards and a big ol' pile of bottles. :)


Back from Kingdom Con.

I am back from Kingdom Con. now! I had a blast and it was great to meet those of you that were able to make it.

I managed to win their Crystal Brush Qualifier painting competition so I will be headed to Adepticon in 2014!

There will be some changes and re-organizing coming to the website in the next few week. Some upgrades and maybe a new store. :)


It has been a while!

I have been busy painting and working on finishing up fullfillment on the Super 3D Dungeon Boards Kickstarter. 
I have lots of pictures to add updates to the Kickstarter.

I am also headed down to Kingdom Con this weekend. So if any on you will be down there I will see you there!  


Painted up Tile #3 for Kickstarter project

The Kickstarted ends Jan. 29th 10 am. PST so if you are interested or know some one that might be now is the time!


Finished painting Tile #3 and thought I would share it with everyone :)

Here is a high rez version of the tile, with just the edge cleaned up after taking it out of the mold and the pillars set on it. In this picture the tile has not been laminated to the wood backing yet.


Final stretch! More add-ons, molds, and castings.


We are coming up on just over two days left! 

I put up the add-on for the resin bases for miniatures. As a $15k stretch goal one set of these will be included for free with any pledge over $100!

We received the vacuum chamber from the metal fab shop and have started to make some of the larger molds.

Picture of the glove mold being made of one of the board tiles. Multi-layer glove molds take a few days to make. Hopefully I can have a board cast and painted before the end of the KS, but these things take time and we are moving into molds for final production on all the tiles.

Picture of the mold for the flat tile board. 

A cast resin flat board and one with a little paint on it.